GForce Janitorial Services was founded in 2006 by Michael Meleco, a young and ambitious man who decided to take a risk, leave his corporate job and start his own cleaning business. As a result of his perseverance, commitment and hard work, what started out as a small five-person business grew into an organization that delivers janitorial and related services to businesses throughout upstate New York.



If your business is in need of our services and located in Albany, Rensselaer, Saratoga or Schenectady county, you are in luck. GForce’s client portfolio spans the entire Capital District.

In some cases, we’ll even service your location even if you are outside these regions.

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Our Approach

GForce is both a business partner and friend for each of our clients, resulting in an amazingly high retention rate. In fact, the majority of our clients who partnered with us in our beginning years are still with us today. How can this be? Simply by delivering complete satisfaction to them through effective communications, a well-trained staff and quality results.


Client Portfolio

GForce services the following clients:

  • Educational institutions
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Banks and other financial offices
  • Commercial office buildings
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Fitness and rehabilitation centers
  • Churches
  • Daycare institutions


Our Staff

GForce employees are hired only after passing a complete background check, formal interview and evaluation by our management team. We understand the importance of having a quality, dedicated team working in your business.

Additionally, GForce provides its employees with uniforms, which enables easy recognition by our clients and their customers. We also use an automated GPS-enabled time tracking system, which enables GForce management to monitor staff hours from the time an employee arrives on site until the end of his/her shift. Our management team also completes routine inspections. Each client also has a direct line of contact with one of our managers, ensuring any request or concern is addressed and resolved as quickly as possible.


Commitment to Green

To ensure our clients and their customers work in the healthiest environments, GForce specializes in green cleaning services by using eco-friendly and green seal certified products, equipment and cleaning techniques.


Inventory Control

GForce has partnered with distributors throughout the region and country to ensure we can pass along the most favorable price to our clients. We not only track, order and deliver products, but can also install the newest dispensers and devices in their offices.


Michael Meleco:

Through collaboration, we work with our customers directly for effective results while providing employees with not only having not only the best tools, however the knowledge to succeed. Many employees have been with GForce for several years. Building a team orientated approach, ensures the outcome we expect for our customers. Unlike independently franchised cleaning establishments, you can trust who is in your facility after hours. Our team is fully insured and up to date with NYS compliances and always has knowledge of the areas we service through cross training.

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